Daniel Leutenegger, Rathausgasse 18, CH-3011 Bern, www.ch-cultura.ch

Daniel Leutenegger
Rathausgasse 18
CH-3011 Bern

Information in English

büro dlb

  • provides ideas for almost all occasions
  • assures their realisation
  • and takes charge of the communication necessary for a successful realisation


  • Concepts as well as consultation in realisation and communication  for the following areas: fundraising, sponsoring, campaigns, special events, PR, advertising, marketing, CI, new media products and services etc.
  • Comprehensive concepts for communication / media relations for individuals and institutions intent on achieving long-term goals
  • Coining / Inventing of slogans, logos, advertising ideas, contents, formats, products and services
  • Test evaluation of concepts, campaigns, products and services from the perspective of potential clients
  • Connecting artists of all genres, speakers, VIPs, experts for text, sound, image, publication, design, etc.
  • Writing texts  for media, organisers, public authorities, associations, clubs, cooperatives, foundations, companies, artists, speakers, editors in the print and online area.
  • Editing of any print product as well as websites, email-newsletters, blogs etc.
  • Editing of books, writings, further written work and online publications
  • Writing Office – Support for people who know what they want to say, but not how they can put it in writing
  • Recording life stories in text, sound and image
  • among others

Main Fields of Activity

Everyday life, culture, society, education, labour, media, information and documentation, public authorities, NGOs / NPOs, development cooperation and international exchange.

Working Method

Büro dlb basically functions as a one-person-enterprise and, if desired, assembles an appropriate team as a ‚general contractor’ – be it for a short temporary project or a long-term appointment.

Since 1992 Büro dlb has been working in close collaboration with a wide range of enterprises, institutions, organiations and often individuals that are themselves self-employed.
Depending on the assignment, for instance publishers, printers, internet providers, graphic and design artists, sound studios, film teams etc. can be called in.

The ever well-cultivated network also includes artists from different genres, journalists, photographers, cartoonists, organisers, cooks, museum designers, translators, gardeners, lawyers, accountants, VIPs, inventors, magicians, etc.

Location, Languages, Infrastructure

Since 1992 Büro dlb has been located at the alleged abyss of the „Röschtigraben“ (as the divide between French- and German-speaking Switzerland is commonly referred to) across which it has at all times successfully worked and communicated with pleasure and great intellectual gain. The great majority of projects and appointments have hitherto crossed language, cantonal and national borders. Not to mention the many cultural and social barriers.

Büro dlb is equipped with modern technical infrastructure and offers a – maybe suprisingly – wide range of facilties for meetings and conferences indoors, outdoors and in the close vicinity.

Translation: Simone von Büren