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Two Clearwater Promos - and Pete Seeger on CBS "Sunday Morning"

Two Clearwater Promos - and Pete Seeger on CBS "Sunday Morning"

18.07.2009 Two special promotional videos created by Hudson River Sloop Clearwater for "The Clearwater Concert: Creating the Next Generation of Environmental Leaders", the spectacular 90th birthday celebration held for legendary folk singer and activist Pete Seeger at Madison Square Garden in New York City this past May, are now available for viewing on ...

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The Clearwater Concert brought together over 40 different renowned musical artists to pay tribute to the folk music legend and activist while raising funds for Clearwater, the environmental organization Pete Seeger founded in 1969. With over 20,000 people attending the concert, Clearwater saw a superb opportunity to offer information regarding its mission, and began work back in March on the two promos with a top team of collaborators.   

The first video, "Clearwater-Making History Again," shown at the start of the concert, focuses on the history of the sloop, America's environmental flagship and much esteemed "floating classroom."    

The second video, "Clearwater-The Next Generation," looks at Pete's work in inspiring today's youths to become tomorrow's green leaders.   

Both videos were produced by Rob and Jacqueline (Jackie) H. Weir of the Big House Group in Ossining, NY under the direction of former CBS News senior producer Mary Murphy. Rob Weir, who has won several Emmy Awards for his work, was the principal cameraman and editor.     

The interview segment with Pete featured in the two videos was conducted by award-winning actress Debra Winger and filmed at the University Settlement Camp in Beacon, NY, which is the future site of Clearwater's Center for Environmental Education and Justice. The interviews with Clearwater board president Allan Shope and executive director Jeff Rumpf were conducted by Jackie Weir and filmed at the Beacon Sloop Club.   

Meanwhile...regarding the long-awaited Pete Seeger profile on CBS "Sunday Morning," this just in from producer Ed Forgotson:
"We are indeed scheduled to-air this Sunday (July 19) - editing away furiously..."

Feel free to pass around this link to friends around the country so they know when and where to tune in.


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