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C4F: Communication Pros Awarded in Davos

C4F: Communication Pros Awarded in Davos

21.02.2011 C4F (Communication 4 Future) Award Ceremony took place in Belvedere Hotel, Davos as a part of Communication on Top Forum. C4F 2011 is the first Annual Award for Communication Professionals who share most innovative and creative visions for the future development of communications.

The annual award is positioned within 4 nomination categories: "Titan web 2.0", "Image of the Future", "Media of the Future", "Relations of the Future". The Jury which consisted of Committee members and several honored guests came across real difficulties while choosing the winners for the reason that all the nominees deserved it indeed. Among them you could find:

  •  Scott Fahlman (USA), father of smiley, who created the most cheerful image of the future,
  •  Alexey Kostarev (CEO of i-Jet Media, USA), who made $20 mln on social media games,
  •  Diane McEachern (founder of Big Green Purse, USA), who gave us a tool for making world better,
  •  Svetlana Mironyuk (Editor-in-Chief at RIA Novosti, Russia), who revived an old soviet news agency and transformed it into the informational leader,
  •  John Funnell (Head of Communications at MeetTheBoss TV), who created a worthy example of an Internet TV-channel of the future,
  •  Gary Thuerk (father of e-marketing), who created a whole new type of mass media,
  •  Yannis Freris (Head of Communications at Gefyra, Greece), who created a bridge connecting the corporate image and the benefit for the society,
  •  Paull Young (Director of Digital Engagement charity: water), who made a fresh approach to eternal values,
  •  James Gillies (Head of Communication at CERN), who provided a new source of energy,
  •  Liz Strauss (successful-blog.com), who established successful long-lasting relationships in our changeable world,
  •  Evgeny Kozlov (@ekozlov), who broadened the mind of 80.000 followers,
  •  Peter Hogenkamp (founder and ex-CEO of BlogWerk), who created a true Swiss-made blog.

The "Image of the Future" prize went to Diane McEachern (founder of Big Green Purse, USA). In a skype interview she said: "I see a woman who cares, who wants to protect her family and knows how to do it. A woman who's more and more empowered and who's is making a real difference in the market place. Right now if you google 'green moms' you get 20 mln responses. I hope it will be 100 mln. What can I wish to those who're designing the images of the future? To imagine the best possible world. That's what keeps me going".

"Media of the Future" was won by Svetlana Mironyuk (Editor-in-Chief for RIA Novosti, Russia). The Award Jury considered her contribution to the development of world and, particularly, Russian media the most outstanding. "Social media is an obvious trend, so traditional media have to be there too,- Svetlana outlined. - Media of the future in Russia is multinational, multiform, multicultural and many other multi. And news is everywhere people can find it".

James Gillies got the Award in "Relations of the Future" nomination. Gillies knows how to communicate innovations that don't even exist yet. In his speech at the plenary session of the Forum he spoke about comms strategy of CERN concerning the Large Hadron Collider: "When we started communicating the LHC it didn't exist. We got great stories to tell, but what we considered crucial was transparency".

Liz Strauss (successful-blog.com) was recognized "Titan web 2.0". "I love bringing people and companies back to the common sense. I love to show them how their values are attracting the customers with the same values. There is certain humanity in the business that we all have to come back to" - Liz confessed.

The "Audience Choice Award" was won by Alexey Kostarev (CEO of i-Jet Media, USA). The Forum participants appreciated his success in the social media games marketing. James Gillies and Scott Fahlman were very close to Alexey trailing him by only a couple of votes.






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