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"Music Freedom Day"

"Music Freedom Day"

28.02.2013 Freemuse Newsletter No. 1 – 2013

"Music Freedom Day" on Sunday

On 3 March, broadcasters and artists join Music Freedom Day with colleagues in Cameroon, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Pakistan, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe. As this newsletter shows, and with 173 cases of attacks on musicians reported in 2012, there are several reasons to join the annual 'Music Freedom Day'.

Read more: http://freemuse.org/sw50159.asp

Freemuse publishes report on Mali

Written by Andy Morgan, a new Freemuse report "Music, Culture and Conflict in Mali" is an extensive documentation of how music has been affected by the conflict in Mali. Morgan has interviewed 20 of Mali's most acclaimed musicians, artists and observers and analyses the current crisis in a historical context. 

Download the report: http://musicfreedomday.org/mali

Freemuse Award 2013 to music festival in Mali

The Freemuse Award 2013 is given to Festival au Désert, which in spite of extreme Islamists' attempts to silence all music in Mali, defends freedom of musical expression and struggles to continue keeping music alive in the region. 

Read more: http://freemuse.org/sw49734.asp 

173 cases of attacks on musicians in 2012

Freemuse has compiled statistics presenting glimpses of violations of freedom of musical expression in 2012. Freemuse registered a total number of 173 cases of attacks on musicians and violations of their rights. 6 artists were killed, 14 imprisoned, 2 abducted, 12 attacked, 5 threatened, 16 prosecuted and 84 detained, and Freemuse reported 34 cases of censorship. 

Read more: http://freemuse.org/sw50112.asp 

Harstad: First ever "safe haven" for musicians

On 14 February 2013, the Norwegian Musicians' Union presented the first ever "safe haven city" within the field of music: Harstad.

Read more: http://freemuse.org/sw49910.asp

Freemuse received Danish "Grammy" at Danish Music Awards

At the venue Global in Copenhagen, Freemuse received a Danish Music Award 2012 in the category "Special Achievement".

Read more: http://freemuse.org/sw50127.asp


Freemuse campaign: Iranian singer Arya Aramnejad released from prison

Iranian singer Arya Aramnejad, who was given 91 days prison sentence, is out prison. He was allegedly released due to international reactions.

Read more: http://freemuse.org/sw46240.asp

President accused of censoring three carnival bands

Haitian lead singers claimed they had been shut out of the annual three-day pre-Lenten Carnival because their songs are too critical of the government

Read more: http://freemuse.org/sw50034.asp


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