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A Truly Great Musician and Friend

A Truly Great Musician and Friend

24.08.2010 Remembering George Shangrow

Hi---just to tell you....

an amazing and exhausting day yesterday as 1200+ gathered to say goodbye to George--with musical selections including Daisy playing a sweet song on cello ... Jeff on one of the slow movements from a sonata written for him and George, another friend who played Graceful Ghost - a ragtime that George played at our wedding, the "lost chord" organ and tenor, and a booming bass-vocal and orchestral pieces.

"Spirit of God, descend on us we pray", we sang at the beginning and it seemed He did ... for the whole 4 1/2 hours of words, memories, and orchestra and choral music, eye-wiping and glassy gazes across the full sanctuary ... and even to the final pitches of "when in our music God is glorified" the last verse repeated, spontaneously, and the benediction. 

spirit remained descended, in the funny way it does at the shangrow homestead where the party stretched late into the evening ... table full of rotating food offerings, wine in the yard, people from age 3 to 95, everything was grandiose--matching so many of George's effects and the absence so many feel!

Gretchen Cohan

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