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Den Kunstmarkt fürs Internet neu erfinden

Den Kunstmarkt fürs Internet neu erfinden

17.06.2011 Art.sy: ein New Yorker Kunst-Start-up, das im Rahmen der gegenwärtigen Art Basel für viel Gesprächsstoff sorgt. "Da entwickelt sich ein ganz neues Geschäftsmodell im Kunstmarkt mit ernst zu nehmenden Investoren und Machern" (artinfo24.com).

Art.sy im O-Ton:

"Art.sy is a new way to discover art you'll love, featuring work from leading galleries, museums, and private collections around the world.

Art.sy is powered by The Art Genome Project, an ongoing study of the characteristics that distinguish and connect works of art. Art.sy evaluates artworks along 200+ characteristics - such as art-historical movements, subject matter, and formal qualities - to create a powerful search experience that reflects the multifaceted aspects of works of art.

Art.sy is led by Carter Cleveland, a Computer Science Engineer from Princeton University with a passion for fine art, and Sebastian Cwilich, a former executive at Christie's Auction House and Haunch of Venison Gallery.

Art.sy's investors and advisors include global leaders in the arts, media and technology. Investors include Dasha Zhukova, Founder of Moscow's Garage Center for Contemporary Culture; Wendi Murdoch, Film Producer; and Jack Dorsey, Creator of Twitter. Advisors include Larry Gagosian, Owner of Gagosian Galleries; Barrett White, Director of Haunch of Venison Gallery; and Joe Kennedy, CEO of Pandora."




TA "Das Magazin", Nr. 23/2011, 11.6-18.6.2011

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In der Galerienszene New Yorks soll neu der Geschmack das Geschäft regieren.

Von Sven Behrisch


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