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Anthony Shadid ist gestorben

Anthony Shadid ist gestorben

18.02.2012 "Der beste Reporter seiner Generation": Der 1968 in Oklahoma City geborene US-amerikanische Journalist Anthony Shadid (Bild) ist vorgestern in Syrien gestorben.

Foto: tk

Der beste Reporter seiner Generation

"Pulitzer-Preisträger, Ausnahmetalent, hochgeschätzter Kollege: Mit Anthony Shadid von der 'New York Times' ist einer der wohl bekanntesten Reporter seiner Generation gestorben. Während einer verdeckten Recherche in Syrien erlag der 43-Jährige einer Asthma-Attacke."

Ulrike Putz, Beirut



"The death of Mr. Shadid, an American of Lebanese descent who had a wife and two children, abruptly ended one of the most storied careers in modern American journalism. Fluent in Arabic, with a gifted eye for detail and contextual writing, Mr. Shadid captured dimensions of life in the Middle East that many others failed to see.

Those talents won him a Pulitzer Prize for international reporting in 2004 for his coverage of the American invasion of Iraq and the occupation that followed, and a second Pulitzer in 2010, also for his Iraq reporting, both of them for 'The Washington Post'. He also was a finalist in 2007 for his coverage of Lebanon, and has been nominated by 'The Times' for his coverage of the Arab Spring uprisings that have transfixed the Middle East for the past year."


"'Anthony died as he lived - determined to bear witness to the transformation sweeping the Middle East and to testify to the suffering of people caught between government oppression and opposition forces,' Jill Abramson, the executive editor of the 'Times', wrote in an email to staff."


"'Anthony Shadid was one of the finest and most courageous journalists of our time,' said Mark Whitaker, executive vice president and managing editor of CNN Worldwide, who worked at the 'Washington Post' with Shadid before the late journalist went to 'The New York Times'. 'All of us at CNN mourn his loss and grieve for his colleagues and loved ones.'"


"In 2004, the Pulitzer Board praised his 'extraordinary ability to capture, at personal peril, the voices and emotions of Iraqis as their country was invaded, their leader toppled and their way of life upended.'' Mr Shadid had also written three books, one of which is due to be published in March."





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