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PEER: Publishing and the Ecology of European Research

PEER: Publishing and the Ecology of European Research

21.02.2009 PEER is a pioneering collaboration between publishers, repositories and the research community, aimed to investigate the effects of the large-scale deposit (so called Green Open Access) on user access, author visibility, and journal viability. At least 16'000 peer reviewed manuscripts destined to become journal articles in ISI ranked journals will be made available for archiving every year for three years, in a deposit process facilited by DRIVER.

The publishing and research communities share the view that increased access to the results of EU-funded research is necessary to maximise their use and impact. However, they hold different views on whether mandated deposit in open access repositories will achieve greater use and impact. There are also differences of opinion as to the most appropriate embargo periods.

The lack of consensus on these key issues stems from a lack of clear evidence of what impact the broad and systematic archiving of research outputs in open access repositories might be -  but this is about to change. We are pleased to announce that the project website went live today,  you can now follow the project online at:


For further information, a  project presentation  is also available, as an automatically run PowerPoint and as a PDF


For more information contact Dale Peters at



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