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Alfredo Guevara ist gestorben

Alfredo Guevara ist gestorben

20.04.2013 Der 1925 in Havanna geborene "Vater des offiziellen kubanischen Films" Alfredo Guevara (Bild) ist gestern daselbst gestorben.

Foto: http://www.ecured.cu/index.php/Archivo:Alfredo_Guevara.JPG

Guevara hatte im Jahr 1959 das Kubanische Institut der Filmkunst und -industrie (ICAIC) gegründet, das seitdem praktisch alle grossen Filme in Kuba produzierte. Als Präsident des kubanischen Filmarchivs zählte Guevara zudem im Jahr 1979 zu den Mitgründern des Festivals für neuen lateinamerikanischen Film in Havanna, das er bis zu seinem Tod leitete.


Guevara had an outstanding work during insurrectional stage of the 1959 Revolution, and in March that same year he founded the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC), one of the most significant cultural actions at that time. (...)

Author of several books that delve into the core of the responsibility of intellectuals with their realities- Guevara, born in Havana on December 31, 1925, received the 2003 National Film Award, among many other accolades.

Also he was granted the Order of Commander of the Legion of Honor, the highest honor given by the Government of France, and the Federico Fellini Gold Medal.

His work in the movie industry began in the 1950s, when he worked as an assistant for directors like Spanish Luis Buñuel and Mexican Manuel Barbachano.


Guevara was a close associate of Fidel and Raul Castro when they were young rebel leaders, and a firm backer of the struggle to oust strongman Fulgencio Batista.

After the 1959 Cuban Revolution he became a leading cultural official and defender of the arts for more than five decades.


Guevara's life was closely linked to the Cuban Revolution. The intellectual, essayist and film production assistant met former President Fidel Castro during his college years and participated in student protests during the regime of Fulgencio Batista.

In 1975 he was appointed Deputy Minister of Culture of Cuba and served as the island's ambassador to UNESCO in the 80s.

To this day, Guevara was considered one of the most influential intellectuals of Cuban culture, noted dpa.







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