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Stephan Bundi gewinnt den 1. Preis in der CATEGORIA A / CARTEL CULTURAL

Stephan Bundi gewinnt den 1. Preis in der CATEGORIA A / CARTEL CULTURAL

02.03.2011 Eleventh International Poster Biennial of Mexico


Primer lugar
Stephan Bundi / Suiza
Título del cartel: El Tartufo de Moliére

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After 20 years since the launching of the International Poster Biennial of Mexico in collaboration with the most important cultural institutions in the country it can be said that we have strengthened its international recognition. Throughout two decades the same precedence has been maintained: generate a design culture that integrates everyday life, with this idea at the same time fostering aesthetic innovation in conjunction with our activities of cultural diffusion.

Graphic design is a diverse public practice where the plethora of the population gets its formation and pleasure from the image, which also encourages reflection in relation to the problems of mankind. This is the first reason for the existence of an International Biennial, which serves as a platform to put forth design proposals that bring together quality and the social good.

Our language as designers has its main representative the poster, understood as the tenet of communication. It's possible to apply this tenet in all kinds of visual communication, whether it be used in printed form or for circulation on the Web, placed on large billboards or imprinted on postage stamps. Communicative synthesis and precision are the poster's features. This continues to be the essential piece in the development of the function of the designer, which compels one to bring into play complex knowledge of composition, color and typographic codes, iconographic awareness pertaining to the issues that are tackled, cognizance of the construction and architecture of letters, and in addition offering one the privilege to convey an idea in a instantaneous and precise fashion.

The International Poster Biennial of Mexico has opened up a new space in the diffusion of the universal visual culture. During these twenty years it has enabled the presence of creative proposals from the five continents, which have enriched our visual language and have been guidelines of comparison in fortifying our originality as creators.


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